Sophia Stud Earrings


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My new range called Florence Road. Inspired by a run down a beautiful street near where I live. (We have recently moved into the area, so I am still exploring). There were so many beautiful gardens, all different, showcasing their own uniqueness and beauty. Designs in this range are also unique and different to each other as the gardens were. I am also working on a large limited print range of some of these gorgeous designs.

Named after my daughter, this a soft and gentle design with various undertones of pretty and warm hues of pink and a touch of caramel. I just love this design and will be recreating this in a limited addition print, very on trend. Created from someones pretty garden on Florence Road.


My original and forever popular earrings. Inspired by a pair of beautiful earrings my mother brought back from Fiji in the 70's. They were the most amazing dark bottle green and encased with what looked like a 'bubble'.


Handmade by carefully pouring resin into the setting and then delicately picking out any bubbles, not always an easy task and can take hours while setting, but worth it as the resin creates a wonderful glossy look which accentuates the papers beneath.

Earrings a made with surgical steel posts and measure 12 mm in diameter. 

Hand made in Western Australia

Like my designs? You can now buy my designs in fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. Just click on this link!

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