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Resin Statement Necklaces - Hand painted

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Where art and design collide

My new line brings together my unique techniques with resin and my love of creativity and exploration of colour.

I have always wanted to make necklaces and have had many people ask. I have explored various jewellery finding shops and online but I could never find the right parts. A lot of the attachments were too fiddly, they weren't giving me the modern and streamlined effect I was after and I was never happy with the leather cords on the market. After much searching I have finally found the right leather and studs. I am in love with these necklaces. Made using Kangaroo leather, industrial studs and of course my unique matt resin. The simplicity of the leather and the studs allow the components of the necklace to resin. 

Each pieces in this necklace has several layers or resin and with each pour, 24 hours to set. They are then hand painted, hand cut, sanded, buffed and drilled. Creating beautiful bespoke pieces, that feel like rice paper to touch and weigh about the same. Due to the nature of my resin pieces being hand painted, they are mini works of art and as such, this is reflected on the back of the earrings. They will not look like plastic or mass produced products but rather show the markings of a hand made and painted piece of work.

To look after your necklace, simply apply a small amount of olive oil every now and then onto the resin pieces and wipe off with a dry cloth. It simply adds a slight luster. The leather has already be treated with leather protector but I would recommend another spray using leather protector (like the ones at shoe stores) every now and then.

My resin pieces may also adjust to temperature, for example they may feel softer (like leather) in extreme heat. This is completely normal and they will adjust back when the temperature changes.


Size and Dimensions.   

35.5cm in length.  


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