Cosmopolitan - Original 120cm x 90cm SOLD

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This artwork is now sold. I also take commissions, so please contact me on to discuss further.


Essentially we are all the same in essence yet all so totally unique. Created after a massive transition in my life from the remote North West of Western Australia to the metropolis of the city of Perth. It was such an incredibly confusing time, even the smallest experiences were incredibly exciting while others were disappointing,  we were unsettled and unsure. This series is an exploration of personality and experiences.

My art is created from my unique prints which I have been designing and creating for my jewellery line.  Most of my prints are inspired by botanicals and in this piece I used 2 different prints from my Florence Road series.

This series is modern, industrial and yet utterly feminine. The resin creates an incredibly beautiful extra depth to the piece. You will find these pieces changing at different times of the day, as the light changes in the room and every time you look at it, you will obtain a different perspective or see something you never saw before, much like our human existence and experiences.


'Trendy is the last stage before tacky" - Karl Lagerfeld.
I love him, its a fabulous quote, Karl is quite correct and Art it is not. 
I want the art you buy for your home to be individual and unique, beautiful and reflective. My art is born from a creative notion of colour and a point of difference, now thats stylish and I am happy to say, not trendy at all, rather modern and fresh and thats just the way I like it.

My art is me, its mine and a moment in time. Created after discovering the designs I was making for my jewellery were just to beautiful to not be up on a wall! All of them inspired by a memory and experience, a camping trip to the beautiful and haunting Kennedy Ranges in the Gascoyne, Western Australia. A run down a suburban street in Perth. A blustery winters weekend end away to our beautiful Margaret River region. 


This artwork is created on MDF and made using a mix of acrylic, ink and resin. My works are totally unique to me, timeless and dateless. 

Please note: this is a one off original and no prints are available for this piece




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