My name is Kim Hardie, though my friends call me Kimba, and we live in Perth, Western Australia where I make my jewellery and artworks in my home studio. I have been making and creating jewellery and artworks with resin for around 9 years. My business has grown and changed so much since the early days that my bio desperately needs an update and refresh. Below is a part of my background and why I started creating resin designs.
I began experimenting with resin 9 years ago.  Around the same time I was beginning to organise a cafe on our plantation in Carnarvon, Western Australia.
I was, at the time trying to generate some income to assist our plantation. I loved our little cafe and we served the best coffee this side of Melbourne. We sourced all the beautiful fresh produce for our beautiful menu and I made homemade ice creams, which won silver at the Royal Show.
As much as I loved the idea of fresh food and beautiful coffee, it was terribly hard to make a profit, as we were a bit out town. We were reliant on the weather as our courtyard eating area was all outside and it took over my time and my life.
My husband and I were trying to make the decision whether or not to close down the café when mother nature gave us the answer. The heavens opened up in December 2010 and as a result Carnarvon suffered the worst floods in its history.  The river we live on swelled and went through our home and took out most of our road.  As a result, it would have been difficult for tourists to access us….we closed the café.
I was able to breathe again and re-focus.  It also reignited my passion for my jewellery. The old saying ‘do what you love’ certainly rings true for me as I am now running a successful business and doing what I love, with time for everyone in the family.
I was initially inspired to create stud earrings similar to a beautiful pair my mother brought back from Fiji in the 70’s. I always adored them and have been able to recreate that style. I am very careful with the resin to create a ‘dome’ effect so the beauty of the papers really stands out.  
What started out as a great little seller at the markets has now very quickly expanded to boutiques and online.  My original stud earrings and the papers and fabrics I use stand the test of time and unique to me. I love the fact that I can make pieces for many different personalities and styles.


My imagination and creativity is constantly evolving and now I am also creating beautiful statement earrings. Over the years, my exploration with resins and colours has now allowed me to create stunning pieces of jewellery. Most of my statement earrings are on of a kind designs, l individually hand painted.


'Trendy is the last stage before tacky" - Karl Lagerfeld.
I love him, its a fabulous quote, Karl is quite correct and Art it is not. 
I want the art you buy for your home to be individual and unique, beautiful and reflective. My art is born from a creative notion of colour and a point of difference, now thats stylish and I am happy to say, not trendy at all, rather modern and fresh and thats just the way I like it.

My art is me, its mine and a moment in time. Created after discovering the designs I was making for my jewellery were just to beautiful to not be up on a wall! All of them inspired by a memory and experience, a camping trip to the beautiful and haunting Kennedy Ranges in the Gascoyne, Western Australia. A run down a suburban street in Perth. A blustery winters weekend end away to our beautiful Margaret River region.  

I hope to continue creating more artworks but in the mean time, my statement earrings keep me very busy.



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