19.09.21 I'M BACK!

Above is a little compilation of my artistic journey so far. I chose a beautiful little piece of music that I adore and really resonates with me and my journey. Turn the volume up.


Well when one door closes another one opens, or so the saying goes. Ours was down the hall a bit, over to the left, out through the window, down the back yard, and over the fence. It was across the road, through the river, down the highway, into the city, through 5 different homes, back down a highway, over to the East and through some winding country roads but there it was and it was like opening a door to heaven. I am grateful, as it was during this time that I was building something inside, even though I had no awareness of it. Something was planted, manifested and started growing. I have more clarity and vision than I ever have before and cannot wait to start sharing it.

I was initially inspired to create stud earrings similar to a beautiful pair my mother brought back from Fiji in the 70’s. I always adored them and have been able to recreate that style. I am very careful with the resin to create a ‘dome’ effect so the beauty of the papers really stands out.  
What started out as a great little seller at the markets has now very quickly expanded to boutiques and online.  My original stud earrings and the papers and fabrics I use stand the test of time and unique to me. I love the fact that I can make pieces for many different personalities and styles.



I began my art journey as a jewellery designer, these very specific and highly ornamental pieces sparked my curiosity into morphing these designs into artwork. Moving from a specific structure to a highly intuitive process of pulling paint, developing bold palettes inspired by our bold countryside, flora and fauna.

Moving to Toodyay recently has opened my eyes to a new palette and the joy I feel living in this environment is evident in my landscapes and my quirky fun filled paintings of the wildlife that I am surrounded by asking the viewer to have a laugh with me


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